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April 1st, 2013 by bigjim

Reports of the death of the newspaper have been grossly exaggerated. Every time another article comes out talking of falling newspaper subscriptions, analysts rush to the fore to proclaim that the days of newsprint, editors-in-chief, and press passes have come to an end, and that the newspaper is no more!

They may be getting close on one hand, with the ever-looming end of newspapers as printed physical media. With iPads, Kindles, Nooks, Kobos, and a seemingly never-ending roster of Android tablets, the end of the paper component of the newspaper may finally be in sight.

However, as a format for delivering news, the newssheet seems to still have its place – in fact, it is becoming more common in the digital world. Not just on dedicated news sites like the NY Times or London Times – but on other sites that like to show an ‘infinite scroll’ of news in the old column format.

And now you can make your own internet newspaper, for consumption by the whole internet, by using a site like Paper.li. On this site, you create a free account by connecting it to your Facebook or Twitter account, and then you choose a name for your paper, as well as the frequency with which it should be updated. You then add topics and connections from around the internet and your social networks to create the sources for the ‘news’.

Paper.li then creates your very own, customised newspaper – complete with columns, sections, and the ability to subscribe. You can then share your creation, which updates live as stories change, with friends via a link that you can email or tweet. So, if you have ever been reading a newspaper and thinking to yourself that you could do a better job, now you can give it a try!

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